Let me introduce myself.

Thanks for taking the time to learn who I am.
I am:
• a proud Canadian with over sixteen years Middle East training experience
• adaptive, creative and enjoy work challenges
• honest, trustworthy and loyal

I have:
• developed Business, General and Technical English programmes
• experience in arranging, setting up and working business trade shows
• established and operated a successful production business; and sold it for a profit
• developed and created academic programmes and a business with minimal resources or support
• consulted startup businesses and businesses in need efficiency modification
• established English language programmes for schools, government and training centres
• written English language textbooks for grade 11 technical programmes;
• and, textbook & supplementary materials for a government employee General English programme

People will say I am:
• hard working and dedicated
• kind and attentive to client needs
• resourceful, love a challenge and strive to achieve what others can’t